Our mission at Mountain Sky Soaps is to produce the best quality and distinctive personal use products by making a commitment to our families, our environment and our community.

Malaya Mountain, Raynald, Nina and Rahel Sky 2002

Malaya Mountain, Raynald, Nina and Rahel Sky 2002

Our Families 

– Mountain Sky puts families first. Mountain Sky recognizes the importance and value of families of all stripes, spots, and colors. Flexibility in the workplace allows for people to have a balanced family life. Mountain Sky also strives to ensure that everyone who works here has a good working wage for their level of work, flexible time off, benefits and profit sharing. When we are happy at work, we can ensure that we produce the best quality product and can operate with integrity. We can respect and value not only our customers, but also our suppliers, agents and community.

Environment – We strive to use naturally based products and minimize the impact of our products on the environment.

river-friendlyMountain Sky has an extensive sustainability program.

We purchase unrefined shea butter that goes in all our vegetable soaps and massage products from an African woman’s collective.

Our Community – We operate in a small rural community. As a business, we touch many people in our small community and in our global community.

We donate gift baskets and products within our community for fundraising efforts. As well, we donate lots of soap to Canadian Food for Children for their global giving hampers.

We hope that by carefully monitoring and helping where we can, we are benefiting those around us and around the world.