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Aphids in the Garden? Try Mountain Sky Castile Liquid Soap!

It is gardening season and I have lots of greens including thousands of green aphid creatures sucking up the plant juices. Did you know that aphids can wreak havoc on growing plants by weakening plants and spreading diseases.  Here in Canada, the vampire aphids sucking up the plant juices weaken the plants so they can't reach their maximum growth in our very short season. There are a variety of methods to prevent aphid infestations: Try [...]

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Is Palm Oil Bad?

Canadian Glacial Clay   Almost every day we get an inquiry about the palm oil (elaeis guineensis) that we add in our soaps. There is considerable concern with rainforest deforestation that is occurring due to the present palm oil plantations and future plantings. At Mountain Sky, we are also concerned with this environmental quandary. We use three main oils in our soap; equal parts of coconut and palm, and then canola oil are added to each of [...]

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Is your liquid soap made with corn?

Lavender Heaven Body Wash Many people believe that when they purchase a bottle of natural liquid soap from the health food store, they are purchasing a product that has been created from simple natural products using a sustainable manufacturing process. Liquid soaps are not all the same, many body washes and 'natural' products are made by breaking down molecules, separating them and reconfiguring these molecules into new products. So what is 'natural', [...]

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Foaming Body Washes made with Concentrated Castile Soap

Foaming Body Washes Are Not All Natural There are a lot of foaming body washes out there on the planet. And, there are a lot of refills for those foaming pump bottles, but did you know that not all of these liquid refills are the same. Many body washes are actually detergents made with decyl glucosides (corn sugar). You can watch our video on corn sugars soaps HERE. Mountain Sky makes natural concentrated castile soap, [...]

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Which Natural Soap to Use in a Dorm Bathroom – Hard Bar or Liquid?

Is your son or daughter going to University for the first-time? Are they going to be living in a dorm? Chances are they will have to use those group bathrooms where there is a line of toilets and showers. When my second daughter, Rahel Sky, went to SFU, her dorm bathroom was co-ed which was rather shocking for us.  When we first brought her to the dorm, I went seeking the women’s bathroom and there [...]

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What is the difference between commercial soap noodle production vs castile handmade soap?

Mountain Sky Makes Handmade Castile Soap. There are two main processes for making hard bar opaque soap, the hot process and the cold process. Commercial soap (Irish Spring, Dove, Body Shop soap, Dr. Bronner’s hard bar soap, Kirk's) is manufactured by using a hot process method. In the hot process, oils and alkali are boiled together for a period of time to create saponification (the process where the oils and the alkali bind). During the [...]

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How Do Lip Balms Help with Chapped Lips?

The beeswax in Mountain Sky lip balms essentially creates a protective barrier that prevents your lip moisture from escaping. Normally moisture evaporates through the surface of your lips, especially on dry, cold, windy days, or sunny summer days. To prevent chapped lips: 1. Do not excessively lick your lips. Added sweeteners to lip balms cause people to lick their lips more which can add to the problem of chapped lips. Mountain Sky does not add any sweeteners [...]

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The Truth about LYE by Mountain Sky Soaps

 Lye is a mixture of sodium hydroxide and water. For real soap to have cleaning and lathering qualities, it has to have some sort of alkali. When an alkali is added to oils, saponification occurs and produces soap. Kali Spice Karma Cleansing Bar Soap Detergents use petroleum products or vegetable oils, all body washes that do not use the word saponified, alkali or contain a lye mixture are a detergent. Shampoos are also [...]

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