The people who make the BIGGEST difference are the ones who do the LITTLE things consistently.

Protecting the environment can feel like an overwhelming task, but if you take small steps daily, little by little, these small steps can add up to a greener lifestyle.

So what can you do?

Here at Mountain Sky, we believe using our Concentrated Castile Liquid Soap is one easy and simple step towards water sustainability. 

Know what your soap is made of.

We handcraft our authentic concentrated Castile Liquid Soaps by mixing Canadian water with natural oils, essential oils and a natural alkali (potassium hydroxide).

Many of the ‘natural’ body washes being produced today and then sold in local groceries and even health food stores are detergents. 

Liquid washes are not soaps, many ‘natural’ body washes are made by breaking down molecules via harsh chemicals and heat, separating them, and re-configuring these molecules into new products.

So what is ‘natural’, is up to the consumer to decide. The problem with making body washes using complex manufacturing systems is that there is a lot of waste and energy used to make them.  Detergent washes can be replaced by simple soap. Watch our videos to learn more.

Use a soap that is biodegradable.

Because our soap is made with all natural ingredients (organic materials), they are easily decomposed which is beneficial for water eco-systems.

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

We all know that the three R’s are the best formula for achieving a happy and healthy way of life for ourselves and the planet.

By diluting concentrated liquid castile soap with your own water, you not only get the most out of our product, you are also effectively limiting the amount of plastic used and transportation needed to get your body clean.

All of these small steps reduce your carbon foot print.

Mountain Sky’s Castile Liquid Soaps are perfect to use in regular pumps, or in foam pumps which can be refilled and reused continuously.

To learn more and find recipes for our multi purpose, eco friendly and true natural Castile Liquid Soaps please click HERE.