Shampoo Bar

Soap vs pH Balanced Shampoo Bar

We have recently started making non-soap based shampoo bars as many people want a solid pH balanced bar that is as good as bottled shampoo.

Soap has a pH of around 10 while our shampoo bars have a pH of around 6

Your scalp and head hair are sensitive to high pH levels.

Hair needs lower pH products, Mountain Sky pH balanced shampoo bars are better for hair.

Many companies sell soap as shampoo bars, long term soap use on delicate head hair can damage your hair. Read our shampoo bar FAQ HERE

These bars are concentrated which means the ingredients found in one of our shampoo bars equals that found in 2 shampoo bottles. Bottled shampoo consists mostly of water and thickeners where as our shampoo bars are just straight up shampoo goodness! You will receive your bar in a plastic-free biodegradable glassine bag. 

We are selling shampoo bars that are made for shampoo – they are pH balanced.

Our concentrated conditioner bars soften and detangles hair. They replace 2 plastic conditioner bottles.