Mountain Sky Gift Certificate

Would you like to send an instant Mountain Sky gift certificate to someone special?

Your recipient will receive an email gift certificate code that can be used for all of our wonderful products on this site.

Enter the amount in the box and add to the cart.

During checkout, you will see a box below the billing details which will allow you to input your recipient’s email and send a message to them.


Instructions for Purchaser:

  1. Quantity can be adjusted, if you want to purchase more than one credit, i.e., A credit for $25 in the form of gifts of $25 each for 2 people. You would enter 25 in provided box and increase quantity to 2.
  2. Go through normal purchase process – Add to cart, checkout, payment, etc.
  3. On checkout page, enter recipient’s details. If you have added more than one certificate, make sure to check the box that says: send to more than one person.
  4. After payment is completed, a credit is generated and forwarded via e-mail to recipient(s).
  5. You will also be informed with an acknowledgement e-mail that an e-mail was sent to your recipient(s)
  6. You will not receive an e-mail when your recipient redeems the gift certificate credit.

Instructions for Recipient:

When you receive a Mountain Sky email gift certificate, you will receive a certificate credit code.

Copy and paste the certificate credit code in the coupon code box in the cart or during checkout. If you do not use