We at Mountain Sky care about the environment. Mountain Sky has several programs that helps our planet.

All of our products contain water straight from a nearby mountain creek. As water is important to us, we only produce river friendly products.

Re-use program

Shipping Boxes – Often shipping boxes are used only once, the manufacturer sends their products to the retailer. Retailers often then fold the boxes up for recycling. We collect those boxes for re-use to send to our customers. We go around to our local health food store outlets and collect their boxes. If you have ever ordered off our website, you might get a box that says Nature Path Cereal, but rest assured it actually contains our wonderful product.

Box Fill – When we ship product, we often have to fill the sides of the boxes with fill so the products are not damaged in transit. We collect bags of shredded paper from local offices, as well as shredding some of our paper waste. All of our shredded paper can still be put in the recycle bin after it is used as box fill.

Buckets – We receive tons of coconut oil in barrels. Fortunately, we live in a rural area where people love barrels and know what to do with them. We also ship all our soap ends with Canadian food for children in these handy buckets. We have been told that these buckets have been used to store precious water, food and dry clothes in times of disaster in third world countries.

Soap ends – All of our soaps that are not absolutely perfect in shape and scent, we sell them off our Internet site or ship them to people in need through the Canadian Food for Children program or distribute locally.

Recycle program

If we cannot re-use something we will recycle. We collect cans, paper, and cardboard and bring them to our local recycling bins.

Composting program

Food waste from the staff kitchen and compostible product waste is composted.