Is your son or daughter going to University for the first-time? Are they going to be living in a dorm? Chances are they will have to use those group bathrooms where there is a line of toilets and showers.

When my second daughter, Rahel Sky, went to SFU, her dorm bathroom was co-ed which was rather shocking for us.  When we first brought her to the dorm, I went seeking the women’s bathroom and there was none. All the group bathrooms were co-ed on her floor.

I understand co-ed floors, but co-ed bathrooms also?  I think I was more embarrassed than Rahel was.

Mountain Sky Kali Spice SoapEither way, it does takes awhile to get used to the group bathroom situation and lack of privacy. One of the many new-fangled getting used to living situations that the new student will have to figure out.

Of course our daughters had their choice of Mountain Sky products. Our first daughter, Malaya Mountain, chose to bring our hard bar soaps first. However, after a week of the dorm bathroom situation, she called us and requested the liquid soaps.


“Mom, can you bring liquid soap next time you come?” she said in her very first call. “Why?”  I asked, as she had plenty of the hard bars. “Well, it is kind of gross to use the hard bar in the shower because when you aren’t using it, you have to put it down somewhere, and it is kind of gross in there.”

Malaya also added, “When I go to the sink, it is easier to use liquid soap. Using the bar soaps at the grimy sink is gross, not everyone cleans up after themselves.”

Kind of gross in the dorm bathroom, well that isn’t surprising.

Citrus Bliss Liquid Soap Jug

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We ended up giving both girls a gallon of our castile liquid soaps. One concentrated gallon will last a whole year as it can be effectively diluted four times.

Give your student a gallon of castile soap and one foam pump or bottle and they won’t have to buy any more body washing products. There is less plastic and packaging going into the waste stream when you use one bulk product.

Our river friendly bar soaps are still super for your home, but the liquid soaps are easier to use for your student facing those grimy dorm bathrooms.

Castile soap is an effective natural anti-bacterial soap.  Real soaps vs. the detergent body washes are anti-bacterial due to soap’s alkalinity. Click here for some great recipes on different uses for our natural liquid soap.

Click here to watch our dilution video with Rahel Sky

The dorm bathroom won’t be any less gross, but at least it will be easier to navigate when your student is using liquid soap.