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ilove mountain sky
Hii I don’t know if you guys answer your DM’s but I thought I’d give it a try, I am writing you today to thank you guys. I actually suffer from knee pain every day and I have tried various creams like Voltaren or pain killers but nothing was ever working until I tried your company’s butter. Since then I can fall asleep at night because the pain used to keep me up at night because it was too bad. I went through like 4 body butter already this stuff is so good and I’m so happy I found it, pls never stop producing it :)
hope you guys have a good day!


Thank you again and again for the free pails of natural soap. We use the pails, as you know for sending blankets to earthquake zones. In El Salvador, a shipment from us had come the day before the quake. They used the pails to scoop up the rubble, searching for bodies.

Everyone asks for soap. We send soap in our nurse’s kits and hospital cleaning kits, as well as in with the blankets for the disaster areas. Not a scrap is wasted. We even bag up the small bits to use in laundry and for shampoos. God bless you for your kindness.

Sincerely, Faye
Canadian Food for Children

Hi, just taking minutes to tell you how much I am amaze by your soap bar. I discover your product at winners more than 1 yrs ago and was amaze right away by the softness that this soap leave in my skin. I had never find a product like that. My boyfriend also find that my skin is now really soft since I am using it over a year now. I recently decided to share some of my soap bar to my boyfriend and son and I already notice it help soften their skin too. So wanted to share with you how much we love your soap. Unfortunately I am living in Quebec province and don’t have any store that sell your product but I will order it online even if there is shipping cost because I am now addicted . Thank you for making this wonderful product

Catherine Veilleux, Quebec

Thank you for the amazing castile liquid soaps, especially the unscented and Shiva’s Nirvana. I gave my Mom and Aunt who are 89 the unscented with foam pump for Christmas and they were delighted.

My Aunt had a series of strokes last year and washing her hands is difficult especially with regular liquid soap. The foam has been another way she is able to regain her independence in her recovery. I hope that having them on sale doesn’t mean they are being discontinued! Thanks for a great product.


I just wanted to say how much I loved your soap. Kali Spice is my favorite soap of all times. Nothing smells better or feels better on the skin. Thanks for making such wonderful products. – Leah P.

I just wanted to say thank you for my soaps which I had

the pleasure of using for the first time today. I can’t get over the amazing aroma of the Kali Spice soap – it actually smells like happiness – and have been walking into the bathroom for no apparent reason throughout the day because the air is perfumed with spice.

I also tried the shampoo bar, and I am a complete convert. I followed the shampoo with a vinegar rinse and blew my hair dry, and it actually doesn’t look or feel like my hair. My hair is normally greasy and limp, but it’s now full of body, shiny, soft and feels thick, and I didn’t use any styling products!

I discovered a few days ago that my local Whole Foods stocks your entire line, so I will definitely be doing some Christmas shopping there this year!

I’d be interested to know which soap you would recommend for eczema, as a friend of mine is afflicted terribly by it (she scratches until she bleeds) and I’d like to get her some of your soap for Christmas.

Thanks again,

D. Booth

We, as a family, have only used Mountain Sky natural soaps for

the last several years. All my orders have been through the internet, and have included coffee cups and other assorted products.

Mountain Sky has been the most reliable company I have ever had the pleasure to deal with in this manner. Although I have never had occasion to have person to person contact, I fully expect it would be as pleasant an experience.

I have always been completely comfortable with internet shopping at your site as all deliveries have been correct, undamaged and quick. You also offer me the ability to add a comment, and I always request ”safe drop”.

Canada Post has always done this, making the convenience of the transaction unbeatable.

I am writing to tell you that your business model works extremely well for us, and we appreciate both your products and service. We are delighted to support such a good BC Company, and will continue to shop atMountainskysoap.com!

Doug M.


With the new consciousness of global warming, for the

past few years I have been trying to do my part to be a kinder person to this planet that we live on. Growing up in a disposable society it has not always been an easy transition. Now I try and educate my children that the time of now is different. As we know better, we do better. After being educated on all the chemicals and unfriendly environmental ingredients in our soaps, shampoos, etc it was easy to make the switch to a natural soap.

I can not tell you how wonderful these natural soaps are. For all those who feel it is difficult to give up your tried and true commercial soaps because you feel they clean better, I can guarantee you when you try these natural soaps you’ll never go back. It will be the easiest switch you can make for the environment and yourself.

Michelle S

I’m so happy to enjoy your natural soaps in Japan !!

Recently I gave some soaps to my friends, and they also love them. There are so many kinds of soap here but nothing is like yours. We think your concept, mission, customer service, and quality are incredibly wonderful. I would like to say hello and thanks to all of you.

Best regards,

A. from Japan

I just discovered one of your natural soaps in Save-On-Foods.

What first drew me in was the funky packaging and the intensely invigorating smell of Spices.The Kali Spice is the first soap I have tried in this product line and I am planning on finding more around Vancouver.

Keep up the great work!!



My husband and I did a detox in February of 2007 and started using Mountain Sky natural soaps for those 4 weeks. At the end of the detox we decided to continue with the soaps because we loved them so much (including the shaving bar).Besides leaving our skin soft and smelling good, these soaps do not leave a residue or film on my shower walls.This is important to me because with 4 year old triplets and a 21/2 year old I don’t like to waste time scrubbing in the bathroom.

Thank You for what you do for us, the consumer, and for the earth.

Don & Colby Fletcher

Southern Alberta

Hi Mountain Sky Soap

Using a high-quality natural soap is for me one of life s indispensable little pleasures. I searched a long time for a soap that smells great and feels great, but it wasn’t until I found your products at my local health food store that I came across the perfect natural soap, Mountain Sky.

I have tried many other natural soaps, but most of them have an overly powerful perfume-y smell, which I find very unpleasant. Then there are natural soaps that are too bland, and too oily. Mountain Sky soaps is perfectly balanced, cleansing thoroughly without being irritating in any way. And they smell wonderful, without any of the chemical scent I associate with mainstream soaps.

I wish your company much success! It would be wonderful to see your natural soaps available in larger department stores and the big drug-store chains. Your product is so superior to the offerings of ALL your competitors that it would be a public service to have Mountain Sky soaps widely available.

Best Wishes,

Miles Smoljo

PS Your new website looks great!

To Whom It May Concern:

I happened to find your wonderful natural soaps while I was on a rare adventuring to my local health food store, and was pleased to find a river-friendly, biodegradable soap with all ingredients listed, and all of them truly natural and healthy (many manufactures claim certain ingredients to be natural because 20 chemical processes ago the sludge was once a coconut) Needless to say, I am a regular at that store now. I just love the excellent choice of lovely, subtle, invigorating scents and types, and it’s actually fun picking one out. I find them to be extremely effective on my oily yet sensitive skin. They never smell too strong, my skin is never dry, and I never have had a bad reaction to them. They last forever too and I am very impressed with the very reasonable price at which they are sold – everyone could – and should use them!

I am proud that they are made by hand, right here in Canada! You should be proud too! I wish there were more products of this quality, made with this kind of care that I could fully support.

They are the best soaps I’ve ever used, and I am now a lifetime customer. My boyfriend is hooked on the stuff too! It is a true little luxury I can use everyday. With the scent, I feel like a Goddess using them, and I don’t have to worry about the suds going down the drain killing forests! When I wash with them at the gym, the entire shower room smells uplifted. No ones soap smells good like mine, and I’ve had several people come up to me and ask me about it based on that alone!


V. K.

Hi: We’ve been fairly addicted to Kali Spice for several years. In my opinion, there’s nothing better. In 2003 I got a contract to work in Ireland and stayed there for a year and a half. Needless to say, there was no Mountain Sky available in Dublin, and so I had a few boxes sent from BC.

So I thought you’d find my remarks interesting, and I hope we can always find Kali Spice somewhere. We now live on Quadra Island, and typically we go looking in Victoria or Vancouver when it’s time to stock up.

Best regards,


To everyone: I absolutely enjoy every moment that I’m able to use your fabulous Mountain Sky soaps. Both my daughter and I and now my grandchildren all use your natural soaps and no other. One of my favorites is the Anise Re-bar. I’m also looking forward to opening my Rose bar and Gardeners bar. My daughter cuts your bars into smaller chunks for the grandkids to use which makes for more manageability for little hands. She also uses the shampoo bar on a regular basis.

So thanks again from Mission, B.C. My five year old granddaughter knows right where to look for you soaps when we shop at “The Pantry”.

Regards, Donna Odenbach

Allo – This is an unsolicited testimonial to say that your Mountain Sky natural soaps are delicious! I particularly like your Anise Rebar soap, because it makes me smell like a giant licorice whip.

Pete Dady. Victoria, B.C.

Dear Sir/Madam – I recently was on holiday in Canada and there I bought your Pine-Eucalyptus soap. Back in Holland we used it, and we loved it very much, and so did the rest of the family. We wonder if we can order Mountain Sky vegetable soap and if you can send it to Holland?

Yours truly,

R. de Leur

Dear Mountain Sky Folks – I discovered your natural soaps at the museum in Burwash Landing , Yukon Territory and introduced the soap to a friend doing field studies on red squirrels. My friend Jainine love it! She requested I pick some up for her. Could you send me some bars as the Burwash museum is closed in the winter?

Amber, Yukon.

Howdy- I should let you know that I and my girlfriend have been using your vegetable soap for the last 4 years. We both enjoy it very much and the varieties it is available in. Hoping to get out that way. Till then keep making the best soap that I have used.

Jason Ruptash, Edmonton

To MS – Just wanted to drop you guys a note. The Desire massage bar is the most exquisite massage bar I have ever used. I love the feel, the fragrance, it s perfect. Thank-you for making such a great product. I look forward to receiving my bars, since I just used up the tiny little silvers I had left.

Kim S.

Dear Sirs – While travelling in your beautiful province last summer I was able to purchase a bar of your Mountain Sky Handmade natural soap. I find it quite wonderful. Could you send me a catalog?


Herbert R. A.

Dear Mountain Sky – This is just a thank-you note for your wonderful soap! A quality product, which I ve used for over a year now. I brought a bar with me while I was working in the Yukon and it lasted 60 days with 2 uses a day!

I just received a bar from my boss via air plane and sat back in my bunk inhaling the vibrant but subtle aroma of your Lavender by the Sea .

My work out here is finished in a days but I know my bar will take me home and when I hit the 1st warm bath in 75 days it ll remind me of the streams, mountains and freshness of the Yukon.


Hi I purchased seven Anise Rebar soaps to give my wife for Christmas but after trying one myself, I hid them in the garage and used them all. I would like to purchase more of this soap but I cannot remember where I purchased them. Could you please tell me where I can get more?

L.B. , British Columbia