Why Buy All-Natural Products?

Choosing all-natural products is a mindful decision to prioritize your well-being by avoiding harmful chemicals and embracing ingredients sourced from nature.

After scouring many old-fashioned soap-making recipes and applying them to modern-day technology, we are proud to offer a line of all-natural premium soaps and body care products.

High-Quality Food-Grade Oils and Butters

High-Quality Food-Grade Oils and Butters

We take pride in using only the finest, high-quality food-grade natural oils and butters in our soap-making process. These oils are not only gentle on the skin but also deliver superior cleansing and moisturizing benefits.

Unlike manufactured soaps that can contain harsh chemicals, our saponification process with natural oils provide a safer and more nourishing experience for your skin.

The Art of Natural Glycerin Production

liquid soapGlycerin is renowned for its skin-softening properties, and we create it naturally during our soap-making process. Unlike other soap makers who need to add glycerin as an additive, ours is a natural byproduct of our craftsmanship.

Our secret lies in using an old-fashioned cold process method, thus not overheating our oils to a boiling point during production. By carefully controlling the heat, we preserve the glycerin content in our soaps. This means that every Mountain Sky Soap bar contains naturally occurring glycerin, which works wonders for your skin.

mountain spring water

River-Friendly Products

Choosing Canadian mountain spring water for our products can be considered river-friendly due to its sustainable sourcing, reduced strain on local watersheds, protection of riparian zones, lower environmental impact, and promotion of conservation efforts.

By making responsible choices in water sourcing, we can help preserve the health and integrity of rivers and their surrounding ecosystems.

Incorporating spices, herbs, minerals, and essential oils into all-natural products

herbs spices mineralsUsing these natural ingredients helps us create fragrances that offer a treasure trove of therapeutic properties. They can enhance the overall health and vitality of the skin and body. They can also uplift moods, invigorate your body, reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and much more.

Adding these natural elements allows for a holistic and sustainable approach to personal care by reducing our dependency on synthetic chemicals and their potentially harmful effects on both our bodies and the environment.

This aligns with a growing global consciousness towards clean, green living.

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